Wrinkle Rubber Gloves

Size : XL, L, M, SM
Color : Pink, Ivory
Raw Material : Natural Rubber (Latex)
Use : Household


Contour shape for better comfort.
Soft and easy to don.
Durable for better protection of your hand.
Honeycomb pattern for better grip .


Product Name

Size (Length and Handbreadth)


Wrinkle Rubber Gloves(XL)

42.5cm * 11.3cm

125gr ± 3gr

Wrinkle Rubber Gloves(L)

40.5cm * 11.0cm

110gr ± 3gr

Wrinkle Rubber Gloves(M)

37.5cm * 10.9cm

100gr ± 3gr

Wrinkle Rubber Gloves(SM)

35.0cm * 10.7cm

90gr ± 3gr

(Above figures could be changed depending on the method how to measure)

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